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Vantage executive consultants work with members of senior leadership teams, individually and collectively, to optimize the results of strategic planning and execution to develop successful leaders.

The Vantage approach is to bring world-class facilitated processes to bear in creating aligned commitment with senior leaders around the following key strategic issues:


Directional Clarity – Inventing a compelling future that energizes your organization and is grounded in reality.

Focus – Identifying the highest value, prioritized goals and objectives to optimize available resources and maximize possibilities for achieving your compelling future.

Actionable Accountabilities – Assigning individuals to lead specific projects and initiatives that deliver the results identified through the Focus process – on-time, on-budget and to specifications.

Calibration – Vantage partners lead the strategic distillation of all planning and development engagements, to an executive summary, which includes each plan component, critical success factors, accountable parties, scheduled completion dates and communication requirements. This document becomes the strategic guide to a living process that enables focus, accountability, challenge, balance and the realization of your compelling future.

Bring Vantage into your organization to:
Align your senior leadership team on their strategic planning accountabilities.
Move your senior executives to a quantifiably higher level of effectiveness in their roles.
Enable your leaders to achieve uncommon success from the beginning, as they take on new responsibilities or positions.

Since its beginnings in 1989, Vantage has worked with more than 400 clients from virtually all industry and government segments – many of whom we continue to work with – all of whom can be contacted as references.

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vantage associates vision
Vantage is sought, experienced and recommended by a select group of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs as the executive consultancy of choice for exceptional professional and organizational development.
Vantage consults exclusively with successful executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to continually improve themselves and their organizations in the areas of planning, execution and leadership.
Client Focus: We think, prioritize and act effectively for the benefit of our clients.
Integrity: We do what we say we will do: We make measured commitments and keep them.
Truth: We seek facts over perceptions.
Beliefs: We challenge beliefs – to strengthen them, to modify them or to discard and replace them.
Professional and Organizational Development: We conduct After Action and Future Action discussions as the fact base for continuous improvement.
Growth: We seek to continually grow the sustainability and value of our clients’ organizations.
Consulting: We continuously improve our consulting processes and content for the benefit of our clients.
Publish: We produce valuable, thought provoking conceptual frameworks that forward the professional and organizational development of our clients and prospective clients.
Client Base: We sustain and expand a select group of clients by continuously creating exceptional value.
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